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Collection: Imagine my Life!

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I wrote the first draft of my book in just two weeks. I was super productive. I know this story by heart, because it's mine. It's the story of an ordinary guy who decided to live an extraordinary life. Not to show off, but because the alternative was to fade away quietly into a life that no longer suited me. 

I choose to live, that is all. 

This story is about a journey full of obstacles: burnout, separation, unsatisfying jobs, business debts, loss of a cohesive network. The list goes on…

But this story also has a happy ending. Because today, after many months of putting everything in place, I live my ideal life. I travel full time on my bike and work on my business from anywhere in the world!

I am happier, healthier, more fulfilled, even if for some, I may seem to live outside the “real” world. On the contrary, I live my life in this beautiful world every single day! I do it on my own terms, on my bicycle, working from anywhere in perfect harmony with my own needs.

I would like to tell you my story and if I can inspire even just a few people to take charge of their life and walk toward their dreams, then my goal will be achieved.

I haven't always had an easy life, but I've always gotten back up, a little stronger, a little closer to my dreams. Some would say it's obstination, I think it's simply staying focused on your life goals and choosing the best path to get there.

I could have given up on everything —many times, but I felt that life was far too precious to be wasted. By staying on course, persevering and lining up all the pieces, I was able to imagine —and achieve— my dream life.

Imagine my life! is a source of inspiration to choose to live your life the way you want. It is not a travel book. My goal is not to convince you to give up everything to live on a bike. That's my own journey. I just want to use my experience to demonstrate that everything is possible and that sometimes it only takes a first step to move towards what you really want in life.

In this book, you'll learn...

  • How to identify what makes you tick in life
  • How to imagine your perfect life
  • How to get everything in place to go for it
  • How precious life is and there's no tomorrow
  • How a regular guy like me bounced back after all that life has thrown at me
  • How to simplify your life to gain in freedom
  • How to overcome obstacles to get to your destination
  • How to get the mindset of a true winner

Imagine my life! may be that first step you need to get to that ideal place you have in mind!

  • 140 pages
  • EPUB - PDF - PAPER versions available
  • 20 MB Download