Unveiling-My-Life-Beyond-Bicycles-Dive-into-the-World-of-Geeks-and-Gears Geeks'n'Gears

Unveiling My Life Beyond Bicycles | Dive into the World of Geeks and Gears!

🚴‍♂️ Welcome, everyone! I'm Patrice, and today marks a significant shift on my channel as we journey beyond bicycles and into the diverse realms of my life. At the heart of it all is Geeks'n'Gears, my brainchild that fuses passion for bicycles, illustration, and e-commerce. Explore the unique bicycle-themed t-shirts on geeksngears.com and join me as we venture into the deeper aspects of my world.

🎨 Geeks'n'Gears isn't just about cycling; it's a lifestyle that intertwines illustration, e-commerce, and more. As an illustrator with a decade of experience and a freelancer, I'm eager to share insights into my creative process, entrepreneurship, mindset, relocation, and even my adventures in print on demand and AI-driven book writing.

🌍 Get to know the man behind the brand – I'm Patrice, a proud resident of Quebec City in the French-speaking part of Canada, approaching 50 with an active lifestyle that includes biking, hiking, and more. Married to Lily, an Italian citizen, we're currently in Spain, documenting our journey from the picturesque Lamanga Club near Cartagena.

🌳 Immerse yourself in the beauty around us as I document not just the growth of Geeks'n'Gears but also my personal experiences. Geeks'n'Gears is more than a business; it's a community, and I want you to be part of it. Your likes, comments, and subscriptions contribute to the credibility of this channel and help shape the content you want.

🤔 Curious about specific topics? Let me know your interests – whether it's bicycles, entrepreneurship, or the pursuit of freedom. Together, let's build a community that shares similar passions and interests.

📈 Brace yourselves for longer, more in-depth content that goes beyond my previous short videos. I'm committed to delivering value and information, and I hope you'll enjoy this new direction. Subscribe to my channel, explore geeksngears.com, and let's embark on this exciting journey together. I'm Patrice, and I'll see you in the next video! 🚀🎥 #GeeksNGears #BeyondBicycles #LifeUnveiled
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