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How to Leave a Toxic Job?

How to leave a toxic job?

In this article, I want to take a look at the question. Is it relevant for you, right now,  for leaving a toxic workplace? Are there any other options? Let's start with the list of topics you need to address before quitting a toxic job:

  • Ask yourself the right questions before leaving a toxic workplace
  • What is a toxic workplace?
  • Should I leave my toxic work environment?
  • What is my plan B?
  • Will it necessarily be better elsewhere?
  • What would you do if you were the boss?
  • What if it really was time to leave?
  • I may have a solution to your problems!

Ask yourself the right questions before leaving a toxic workplace

When the time comes to ask yourself if it is time for quitting a toxic job, you must first ask yourself a few questions: Is it the environment that is toxic or is it my attitude towards it that is at fault? Should I leave now or find another job first? Will it really be better somewhere else or do I just want to be my own boss and set my own rules?

What is a toxic workplace?

First, let's take the time to identify what a toxic workplace really is. The term is overused, and we need to distinguish between a simple unpleasant environment and an environment where our physical or mental health is threatened.

If the work environment is truly toxic, there is no hesitation: no one should have to put up with an environment where there is violence, denigration or any other form of physical or psychological abuse. That is a toxic work environment. If you can't work in a respectful environment, then you should leave.

But it's not always that simple...

This job still gives you some benefits. A salary, healthcare, inurances, some stability, some nice colleagues, etc. Maybe there are only a few negative elements and all it takes is a good discussion with the person concerned, a boss or human resources to make the situation more pleasant?

Be careful also of what others may say, it is easy to turn the discomfort of one person into a office-wide drama and effectively make the environment toxic for everyone.

Don't get involved in the office drama, do your thing and let others deal with their problems. Of course, if the problems affect you personally, that's another story.

In short, every situation is different and there are many ways to deal with a toxic workplace!

Should I leave my toxic workplace?

Only you will have the answer to that question. Every situation will be different. As with any other decision in life, you have to weigh the pros and cons and see how far the scales tip to quitting a toxic job. Some criteria don't lie: physical and mental abuse, blatant lack of ethics, etc., but other factors will be a bit more subtle, like the inability to get appointments with your boss, the constant lack of paper in the printer, a colleague who makes strange noises while eating...

I don't want to minimalize the situation, just show that sometimes, even though we say our work environment is toxic, some things are harmless. You have to pounder the variables in your decision, depending on the importance you give them. On the other hand, I agree that sometimes it's the accumulation of little things that make us tired of our work. Again, it is by weighing the pros and cons of the decision that we can see more clearly. Leaving a toxic workplace is a personal decision

What is my plan B?

If you were to leave, what would your plan B be? Would you look for another job? Would you start your own business? If you are looking for another job, will you look before you leave or can you live without income for a while until you find something else? Obviously, the answers to these questions will depend on the urgency you feel to leave this toxic work environment. Every situation is different, and often a radical change allows us to re-focus our lives on what we really want. There are many ways to achieve our goals!

Will it necessarily be better somewhere else?

Before you make your decision of quitting a toxix job, ask yourself if it will necessarily be better at another place. Maybe you think you don't like working for that particular employer, but maybe you don't like working for any employer, at all. This is important to figure because leaving a toxic workplace for another, is probably a big waste of time and energy!

That was my case: in my whole career, I never felt really happy. All I wanted was to be the boss. So no matter if I was in a "toxic" environment or not, I found my days too long and I just wanted to leave to look for something better elsewhere. I could find all the reasons to make any work environment a "toxic" one...

What would you do if you were the boss?

Sometimes putting yourself in the other person's shoes allows you to better understand their decisions and why they act the way they do. If you feel that you are in a toxic environment and that it is time for you to leave, ask yourself what you would do if you were the boss or the people who are poisoning your life. Maybe they have legitimate reasons for doing what they are doing? What would you do in their place? Is it possible to discuss this?

And if you think you would do better, why not start your own business? I'm not saying leave everything behind and jump into the void without a net, but maybe before you leave this toxicplace, you could consider using your salary to quietly start and grow your own business on the side?

That way, by using your current salary, you would avoid putting yourself in a precarious situation and you would be working on a project that stimulates you and that, eventually, could bring you closer to your dreams of freedom.

If you like the idea but don't know where to start. Read the next paragraph.

I may have a solution to your problems!

In my book, Imagine my Life! I describe my life and how I managed to quitting a toxic job. If you are already at another stage in your journey, I also offer coaching sessions, to help you reach your goals and get you moving towards your new life. And if you're totally ready and willing to take action on quitting your toxic job, I have access to an online training course that will allow you to learn all about a business model entirely focused on total financial, location and time freedom.

Perhaps you will find in one of my products, the inspiration to imagine your new life and help you quitting a toxic job in an elegant, ethical and stimulating way?

In summary

I hope I've helped you identify why this work environment seems toxic and that I've given you a few pointers to help you get out of it. But no matter how I feel about it, leaving a toxic workplace is a personal decision that requires some preparation. But there is nothing impossible, especially if your mental or physical health is at risk. In this case, there is no hesitation: you must leave this toxic environment. In other cases, it may be enough to change your attitude towards the situation, or even to change your situation!


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