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The burnout generation - An Xer's point of view

I was wondering if my generation was more or less the "burnout generation" than any other and while googling for it, I came across a book that said it would be more of a term used for the millennial generation. Not impossible, I don't know, I haven't read the book and my goal is not to decide who's more entitled to the "burnout generation" title.

I am from this generation that is called "Generation X", a somewhat ambiguous term that doesn't mean much. Like a certain anonymity, stuck between our parents' generation (the Boomers) and the one that is pushing us in the back (the millennials).

I'm also one of those who have had a burnout. A serious one. In 2011. Not a small one, "The Real Thing."

I don't know if it's related to my "generation" or if it's not a circumstantial illness that affects a lot of people, all generations included?
burnout affects an entire generationBurnout is the disease of the century. It affects everyone.

Our crazy pace of life forces us to always push the machine a little further.

We want to perform, to make a good salary, to be able to buy all sorts of more or less useful things. We work non-stop and we dream of being able to retire one day and finally be able to breathe a little...

Millennials, like the X's and Boomers who preceded them, simply dream of a better world, but the stress imposed by the pace of our society takes its toll on our mental health. We want to live in the same comfort as our parents, but all the prices have gone up, except for the salaries...

We find ourselves always running to make ends meet.

My mother often says that today, we live crazy lives (implying that women should go back home and only take care of the children and the cooking...). I would like to, but the problem is that in the past, you could afford a decent house on one workman's salary. A house cost 50k and paid for itself in 10 years. Today, it costs ten times as much and two professional salaries are barely enough to pay for it in 25 years. This is not the same reality! (OK, it's not everyone's reality, but still...)

And then there is the accessibility of credit, access to luxury trinkets, the new car...

I'm not saying that everyone lives in overconsumption, but our economic system encourages to always spend more. And anyway, even if we aspire to a mini-home and a simpler pace of life, municipal rules often make it impossible to achieve.

We reluctantly enter the system, working to pay the bills and the mortgage, day after day, until we can finally retire. In the meantime, we survive, we exchange all our time for a little money, we get burned out and exhausted, we become this "burnout generation", all together, without ever questioning the system.

It's sad.

I don't have the solution.

I don't know if it's my generation or the next one that's going to win the title of "burnout generation", but what's certain is that we can't go on like this forever. One day, we will have to stop, take a step back and find other, more sustainable ways of living.

The burnout generation, it's up to each of us to make sure we're not faling into it!

In my book Imagine my Life! I describe how I was affected by burnout and, above all, how I managed to get out of it. I am from generation X, I had a burnout, but I am not the "burnout generation"!
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